Right Sided Golf - Powerful, Repeatable, Accurate

What is it?

The Right Sided Swing enables players to repeatedly hit long and straight.


Beginners to Elite - Learn the Right Sided Swing and transform your game forever.

Tour Players

There are currently over 30 Right Sided tour pro’s plying their trade on the world’s major golf tours.

What is the Right Sided Swing...



Easy To Learn

The Right Sided Swing Is The Ultimate Golf Swing

Repeatable, Powerful, Accurate!

Understanding the lessons on Body Shape, Wrist Angles and the Direction of the Turn is the essence of building a simple, powerful and repeatable golf swing
The first step in learning the right sided swing is getting into the right shape and posture.
The correct bend of the elbow and the wrist is a must have for maintaining swing radius.
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Take your game to the next level!

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